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The Most Common Questions I Get From Pharmaceutical Reps

The Most Common Questions I Get From Pharmaceutical Reps

| November 13, 2020
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Pharmaceutical sales can be a lucrative and rewarding career. After working with numerous pharmaceutical sales representatives at Match Point Financial, I’ve learned there are some unique challenges they have to overcome with retirement planning. As a result, there are some common questions I get from pharmaceutical representatives. Here are the three most common questions I get and how we typically help at Match Point.

Should I Consolidate My Savings Into One Retirement Account?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives have a lot of flexibility in terms of navigating their career paths. They often have retirement savings located in several old accounts with companies they’ve worked for previously. It is best to consolidate those old accounts. Most of the pharmaceutical sales representatives I partner with choose to rollover old retirement savings into an IRA, while continuing to contribute to a 401(k) at their current employer.  This allows them to grow their old retirement savings by accessing the additional investment choices and flexibility IRAs offer, while simultaneously growing savings in their 401(k) plan. Consolidating your savings will help prevent any unnecessary duplication with your asset allocation or investments.  It also makes it easier to rebalance your portfolio when your goals or life stage changes. Overall, consolidating your assets makes it easier for you to get a clear high-level view of your retirement savings.

Am I Making The Right Investment Choices?

Along with other medical professions, I also get asked how pharmaceutical representatives can be confident they are making the right investment choices. I often see pharmaceutical reps at the middle stages of their careers, where saving and investing has become an important priority. To gain peace of mind with your investment choices, it’s necessary to speak with a professional equipped to put a plan in place. Just like you would bring your car to a mechanic, a qualified financial professional can help assess your entire financial circumstances, opportunities, and challenges to put together a plan that will work for you to accomplish your goals. You’ll gain confidence knowing you have a plan in place, and you’re executing on that plan with the correct investment choices for you.

Am I On The Right Path To Accomplishing My Retirement Goals On Time?

Most pharmaceutical sales representatives who approach me with this question are looking for an overall financial plan to help them meet their goals. At Match Point Financial, we use Asset Map, a financial planning software with an excellent visual interface, that gives our clients a road map to accomplish their retirement goals. Work with a financial professional who will leverage tools to assure you are on the right path to meeting your retirement goals on time. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing the life you’ll be able to lead in retirement.

Gain Clarity Today

Today is the best time to start tackling any retirement or investment-related challenge so you can get on the path to meeting your goals tomorrow. At Match Point Financial, we specialize in helping pharmaceutical professionals with retirement planning and investment management. In partnership with us, you can expect personalized service, clear communication, and transparency every step of the way. Schedule a no-strings-attached meeting where we can discuss your questions, concerns, and goals to see if we’d be a good fit. Reach out by calling 352-207-8014 or sending a message here.

About Chris

Chris Reed is a financial advisor and the founder of Match Point Financial. Since 2002, he has been helping people make informed choices with their money and pursue their financial goals and objectives. He started his career with MetLife and has continued seeking to provide his clients with the best possible service through A.G. Edwards, UBS, and finally through partnering with Cetera Advisors LLC and forming his own independent firm in 2010. Learn more about Chris by connecting with him on LinkedIn or register for his recent webinar “Are Your Old 401(k)s Collecting Dust and Losing You Money?” here.

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